Medium Is Everything I Wanted It To Be

Tyler Zimmerman
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Over the course of 3 months I have realized a few things from writing here on Medium.

I have realized that my ideas are decent. I often see similar ideas expressed by other, more prolific writers that receive many more claps and comments. I am accepting of that because it lets me know that I am on the right path. My headspace is correct and my ideas aren’t bad. There are many times I hit publish and just wonder after the fact how actually relevant that topic may be. Then a few days later I see a very similar story on the exact same thing and realize, had my article been distributed or had a bigger following that it could have done well.

By writing each day or close to it that my following will slowly and organically grow which in my eyes is a much more fulfilling process. Do I want more people to read and interact with my writing, of course, will it happen, I think eventually. I just need to continue to write about life, struggles, successes, and the daily grind. I am fortunate to travel for work and with that comes ideas. My environment changes and so do my perspectives. The Covid outbreak has been a damper on the travel however it will pick up again.

The possibility to be a writer full time one day when I move to my van and tour North America is a possibility. Had I never started a Medium account I would have always wondered if it would be possible and maybe never made plans to get out of the rat race. The idea of independence and freedom are often thought but never acted upon by millions of people. Writing has opened up this possibility and hope. You shouldn’t make decisions on hope, however I am not quitting my job tomorrow.

Medium has given me a chance to put my work in front of publications. No matter what type of publication you put your work in front of it is an opportunity. You wouldn’t be able to do that so easily with other avenues. You could turn in something to a print publication and I doubt you would even hear back if they didn’t accept it. Haven’t tried, only speculating. I recently was published by The Good Men Project and I actually had a tear in my eye. They ran the story in their “Change Becomes You” publication and I was ecstatic and happy, and two weeks later they ran it in their main publication and I actually had a tear in my eye. I had accomplished a goal…

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